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1- Sorah Al-Fatihah ( The Opening )2- Sorah Al-Baqarah ( The Cow )
3- Sorah Al-Imran ( The Famiy of Imran )4- Sorah An-Nisa ( The Women )
5- Sorah Al-Maidah ( The Table spread with Food )6- Sorah Al-An'am ( The Cattle )
7- Sorah Al-A'raf (The Heights )8- Sorah Al-Anfal ( The Spoils of War )
9- Sorah At-Taubah ( The Repentance )10- Sorah Yunus ( Jonah )
11- Sorah Hud12- Sorah Yusuf (Joseph )
13- Sorah Ar-Ra'd ( The Thunder )14- Sorah Ibrahim ( Abraham )
15- Sorah Al-Hijr ( The Rocky Tract )16- Sorah An-Nahl ( The Bees )
17- Sorah Al-Isra ( The Night Journey )18- Sorah Al-Kahf ( The Cave )
19- Sorah Maryam ( Mary )20- Sorah Taha
21- Sorah Al-Anbiya ( The Prophets )22- Sorah Al-Hajj ( The Pilgrimage )
23- Sorah Al-Mu'minoon ( The Believers )24- Sorah An-Noor ( The Light )
25- Sorah Al-Furqan (The Criterion )26- Sorah Ash-Shuara ( The Poets )
27- Sorah An-Naml (The Ants )28- Sorah Al-Qasas ( The Stories )
29- Sorah Al-Ankaboot ( The Spider )30- Sorah Ar-Room ( The Romans )
31- Sorah Luqman32- Sorah As-Sajdah ( The Prostration )
33- Sorah Al-Ahzab ( The Combined Forces )34- Sorah Saba ( Sheba )
35- Sorah Fatir ( The Orignator )36- Sorah Ya-seen
37- Sorah As-Saaffat ( Those Ranges in Ranks )38- Sorah Sad ( The Letter Sad )
39- Sorah Az-Zumar ( The Groups )40- Sorah Ghafir ( The Forgiver God )
41- Sorah Fussilat ( Explained in Detail )42- Sorah Ash-Shura (Consultation )
43- Sorah Az-Zukhruf ( The Gold Adornment )44- Sorah Ad-Dukhan ( The Smoke )
45- Sorah Al-Jathiya ( Crouching )46- Sorah Al-Ahqaf ( The Curved Sand-hills )
47- Sorah Muhammad48- Sorah Al-Fath ( The Victory )
49- Sorah Al-Hujurat ( The Dwellings )50- Sorah Qaf ( The Letter Qaf )
51- Sorah Adh-Dhariyat ( The Wind that Scatter )52- Sorah At-Tur ( The Mount )
53- Sorah An-Najm ( The Star )54- Sorah Al-Qamar ( The Moon )
55- Sorah Ar-Rahman ( The Most Graciouse )56- Sorah Al-Waqi'ah ( The Event )
57- Sorah Al-Hadid ( The Iron )58- Sorah Al-Mujadilah ( She That Disputeth )
59- Sorah Al-Hashr ( The Gathering )60- Sorah Al-Mumtahanah ( The Woman to be examined )
61- Sorah As-Saff ( The Row )62- Sorah Al-Jumu'ah ( Friday )
63- Sorah Al-Munafiqoon ( The Hypocrites )64- Sorah At-Taghabun ( Mutual Loss & Gain )
65- Sorah At-Talaq ( The Divorce )66- Sorah At-Tahrim ( The Prohibition )
67- Sorah Al-Mulk ( Dominion )68- Sorah Al-Qalam ( The Pen )
69- Sorah Al-Haaqqah ( The Inevitable )70- Sorah Al-Ma'arij (The Ways of Ascent )
71- Sorah Nooh72- Sorah Al-Jinn ( The Jinn )
73- Sorah Al-Muzzammil (The One wrapped in Garments)74- Sorah Al-Muddaththir ( The One Enveloped )
75- Sorah Al-Qiyamah ( The Resurrection )76- Sorah Al-Insan ( Man )
77- Sorah Al-Mursalat ( Those sent forth )78- Sorah An-Naba' ( The Great News )
79- Sorah An-Nazi'at ( Those who Pull Out )80- Sorah Abasa ( He frowned )
81- Sorah At-Takwir ( The Overthrowing )82- Sorah Al-Infitar ( The Cleaving )
83- Sorah Al-Mutaffifin (Those Who Deal in Fraud)84- Sorah Al-Inshiqaq (The Splitting Asunder)
85- Sorah Al-Burooj ( The Big Stars )86- Sorah At-Tariq ( The Night-Comer )
87- Sorah Al-A'la ( The Most High )88- Sorah Al-Ghashiya ( The Overwhelming )
89- Sorah Al-Fajr ( The Dawn )90- Sorah Al-Balad ( The City )
91- Sorah Ash-Shams ( The Sun )92- Sorah Al-Layl ( The Night )
93- Sorah Ad-Dhuha ( The Forenoon )94- Sorah As-Sharh ( The Opening Forth)
95- Sorah At-Tin ( The Fig )96- Sorah Al-'alaq ( The Clot )
97- Sorah Al-Qadr ( The Night of Decree )98- Sorah Al-Bayyinah ( The Clear Evidence )
99- Sorah Az-Zalzalah ( The Earthquake )100- Sorah Al-'adiyat ( Those That Run )
101- Sorah Al-Qari'ah ( The Striking Hour )102- Sorah At-Takathur ( The piling Up )
103- Sorah Al-Asr ( The Time )104- Sorah Al-Humazah ( The Slanderer )
105- Sorah Al-Fil ( The Elephant )106- Sorah Quraish
107- Sorah Al-Ma'un ( Small Kindnesses )108- Sorah Al-Kauther ( A River in Paradise)
109- Sorah Al-Kafiroon ( The Disbelievers )110- Sorah An-Nasr ( The Help )
111- Sorah Al-Masad ( The Palm Fibre )112- Sorah Al-Ikhlas ( Sincerity )
113- Sorah Al-Falaq ( The Daybreak )114- Sorah An-Nas ( Mankind )

Random Books

  • The Beard Between the Salaf & KhalafA discussion of the obligation of keeping a beard and a clarification of some common misconceptions.

    Formation : Muhammad al-Jibaly

    From issues : Al-Kitaab & as-Sunnah Publishing

    Source : http://www.islamhouse.com/p/1231

    Download :The Beard Between the Salaf & Khalaf

  • The Miraculous QuranThe first and second articles are an introduction for the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and make comparison between the Quran’s content and the orientalists’ sayings about it. The third explains that in order for a religion to be true, it must be from God in a total sense and not only in its origin then the scholars distort it. The fourth and fifth mention one of the unique qualities of the Quran which is its detailed preservation, a fact which makes it much different than all other religions, confirm that the Quran itself contains proofs for its truth and requires no “leap of faith” in order to believe it, and take a look at the accusation that Muhammad borrowed or stole the Quran from other religions, particularly the Christianity and the Judaism. The sixth and seventh mention the depictions of God and the Prophets in the Quran vs. the Bible and the Talmud and explain the comprehensiveness, completeness, balance and practicality of the legislation of the Quran. The eighth shows the Quran's effect on the generation of the Prophet and the next generations to the extent that it made them leaders of the world to guide people to the straight path. The ninth mentions a unique prophecy which dealt with events completely out of the control of the Prophet or the Arabs that the Byzantine kingdom will defeat the Persian Kingdom within three to nine years. The tenth takes a look at some of the scientific facts mentioned in the Quran which modern scientists, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, affirm as true. Finally, the eleventh shows the linguistic miracle of the Quran and refers that Allah challenged the disbelievers of Makkah to compile a book like the Quran but they failed. The challenge got into very simple standard i.e. to compile a Surah (Chapter) looks like any of its Surahs but they also failed.

    Formation : Jamaal Zarabozo

    From issues : A website Islam Religion www.islamreligion.com

    Source : http://www.islamhouse.com/p/190213

    Download :The Miraculous QuranThe Miraculous Quran

  • Religious Police in Saudi ArabiaThis book includes a comprehensive vision of issues related to the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice and its official establishment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This book was prepared by a group of Saudi academicians, males and females, representing different Saudi universities and various geographical regions. They address the Western public opinion, its political and intellectual sources. Their aim is to clarify reality for Western public opinion, its political, intellectual and media sources. This reality that remains obscure for this public opinion as a result of certain political circumstances, religious superiority or suspicious media lusts. This reality was obscured from the West by the current rapid international developments and changes.

    Source : http://www.islamhouse.com/p/324762

    Download :Religious Police in Saudi Arabia

  • The Religion of TruthThis book, The Religion of Truth, treats these basic and great subjects. We should know that the only way for our salvation in this life and in the hereafter is to know, for sure, our Lord who created us, believe in Him, and worship Him Alone. We should also know our prophet whom Allah had sent to us and to mankind, believe in Him and follow him. We should know the Religion of Truth which our Lord has commanded us to believe in and practice it.

    Formation : Abdurrahman bin Hammad Alomar

    Source : http://www.islamhouse.com/p/207075

    Download :The Religion of Truth

  • The Difference between Advising and CondemningIn this classical treatise, Ibn Rajab (may Allah have mercy on him) discusses the differences between advising and condemning, which is an extremely important topic since it is very common that the two are confused for one another. For the most part, his talk revolves around the dealings and affairs of the scholars, and how it was from their way to advise and accept the truth from one another. And he shows how condemning was not from their characteristics, but rather from the signs of the evil and wicked people who held hidden goals and objectives.This book is especially important in these days due to the wide scale confusion that exists on this subject amongst the Muslims. So today when we find scholars of the Sunnah refuting weak opinions of other scholars from the past, they are quickly accused of hating those scholars of the past and just condemning them, when in fact they are really advising the ummah and warning the Muslims against following a man in his error. So, we hope that these matters become clear to the reader upon studying this treatise and that he is able to distinguish those who are truly advising from those who are just condemning.

    Formation : Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali

    Translators : Abu Maryam Ismaeel Alarcon

    From issues : http://www.almanhaj.com - Almanhaj Website

    Source : http://www.islamhouse.com/p/249998

    Download :The Difference between Advising and Condemning

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